Sunday, June 21, 2009


A mainstream-medianite states the obvious:
The opposition's (refuckyoucan's) position says, "We can't have government bureaucrats getting in between you and your doctor," when right now we have insurance agents in between you and your doctor. When do you go to a doctor and not hear what your insurance company will or won't allow?
Cokie Roberts on Stuffalupugus

What the fuck took so long...? ???

and Robert Reich
There is no money in the hands of consumers, so there will be no business investment because there are no customers. (DUHHH!!!! People need jobs) So without that flow of money, money must come from the government which creates deficits. Keynesian Economics 101.

Read up on 1931,32 and Hoover's attempt to follow the present refuckyoucan/conservatard notion of balancing the budget.

Is this Obvious Day, not Father's Day? or are the concepts synonymous? or did someone come out with a memo to counter the "No Facts Allowed" rule on network news. I had to leave the tube for a moment; I couldn't handle the bombardment of truth. TWO facts in ONE show? ???

don't pinch and wake me.

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