Tuesday, July 21, 2009

3Dems, 4 Refucks...

The Coalition of the Willing. Looking for a "solution to the health care... crisis, stalemate, reform effort, slowdown effort...

After listening to Orrin Hatch trash every progressive idea, summing them up in, "Let me be straight. What these people want is to pave the way for single payer."

Oh horror of horrors. That would do what? Give us the system that every other developed industrialized nation in the world has seen as a failure? That they are now trying to replace with a private for-profit system? So the question is:

Willing to do what? Besides guarantee more of the same old crockshitulous conservatard clusterfuckidity we have now?

We're not asking for a fucking pony. We're asking for something the fucking country NEEDS.

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Conrad Strong said...

Orin Hatch just wants to keep the same old thing we have now. These guys don't seem to give a crap that 47 million Americans are without insurance and another 25 million have insurance that is so lousy they are afraid to use it, fearing a claim will cause it to be cancelled. We've got to keep the pressure on these assholes and make this happen.