Sunday, September 27, 2009

Support the Troops?

When I posted the other day, I thought I knew enough about the language that I could teach vocabulary lessons now and then. I guess I was wrong. Apparently I need to unlearn, relearn or just plain learn, a definition of "veteran." At least as it pertains to veterans' health care.

WTF is this? (h/t to C&L) All these years, 53 of them, I thought that once you were a veteran, you were entitled to had earned health care from the Veterans' Administration; for life; no questions asked. Cut your thumb slicing onions for your barbecue sauce, and you can get the stitches at a VA hospital, or show your VA card ANYwhere and get them. How silly of me. Did I miss something in my 8th grade Civics class?

I don't givve a flying fuck where or how these guys got their cancer, they're vets; we take care of vets. I don't care if they were drafted or volunteered. I don't care if they ever got shot at or not; with real bullets or nerf guns or water pistols.

This isn't just the usual, refuckyoucan bullshitiousness or douchebaggery. I know this is likely their idea of some sort of fiscal responsibility: Setting clear guidelines, etc. Every fucking republican administration that I know of fucks over and shits on the military. They LOVE their contractors, and they'll spend trillions without question on their weapons systems, whether they work or not, but detest giving ANY benefits to the men and women who actually get down in the muck and do the dirty work of defending the system that supports their sorry power brokering asses.

Fucking plantation owners had sense enough to treat their slaves better than this.


Firestarter5 said...

The Repubs conveniently forget that it was their hero Bush who cut funding to the VA during the initial war in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Vietnam Veteran and have never been turned away for medical help at the local VA Clinic. I now read that Iraqi veterans are and quite frankly, I never understood how one war can be legislated for benefits and another war is not. I'll stick with your phrase relearn because it changes all the time. I hope the Dems can do better in changing the laws for all our veteran population.

Chris in Seattle said...

That's how Refucks balance budgets.... er... pay for tax cuts for their base: The Haves and the Have Mores.