Sunday, October 11, 2009

How Many Ways Can You be a Moron

And still be a guest on a Sunday talk show?

Apparently a GREAT many, as George F Will once again proves.

He asks Arianna Huffington about the fact that there's a Democratic majority in the Senate, same with the House and the same with the White House, " what's the problem with the change you don't seem to be believing in? How many Republicans voted for the stimulus bill? Two."

George.... Dear boy.... you just answered your own god damned question. The problem is all the compromising and watering down done by the Dems on EVERY issue since Obama's taken office. He, and they, repeatedly fails to acknowledge the evidence right under his nose, and continues to pursue non-existent bi-partisan solutions to the nation's problems. Hundreds of Refuckyoucan amendments to the health care bill coming from the Senate HELP committee and NO Refuckyoucan votes in return. Why offer up the amendments at all unless their purpose is to make the bil a bill worth passing?

If there is a problem with the stimulus, its in the refuckyoucan amendments that watered it down. If they had had their way, the stimulus would have been ALL tax cuts.

There is a very simple reason we will NEVER see compromise, meaningful, constructive, compromise, or TRUE bi-partisan efforts from this congress. It would be an admission that the republican way, the neo-conservative way, Reaganomics/voodoo economics were wrong. The economy shrinks, and they tout their mythical "Ron Reagan pro-growth" policies. Jon McCain runs with the plan to cuts trillions more in taxes so the republican party can "...regain the position of fiscal responsibility it had under Ronald Reagan." HUH????

This is a party, a group representing a party, that filibustered one of their own fucking bills in the last congress. Obstruct first, ask questions later. if at all Indefensible. Totally. They do not deserve to be taken seriously. Other than for the damage they will do if given the chance.

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