Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day of Infamy II

Judicial restraint vs judicial activism. Ah, yes. We've been told time and again now that we can't trust those liberal activist judges who legislate from the bench.

So when the Roberts gang took up "Citizens United vs FEC" naturally they would restrict themselves to the case before them. Right? It would be the liberals/leftist judges -- Ginsberg, Stevens, Breyer, and especially that loose cannon wise Latina, Sonya Sotomayor -- who would seek to reach beyond the confines of the case. Right? They would be the ones to overturn settled law and precedent. Right?


Seems as though the Roberts reactionaries looked at every case BUT the case before them, as they overturn roughly 100 yrs of precedent, and declare that we are entitled to the finest government corporations can buy. Insanity.

No, it's beyond insanity. This is a death sentence for government as we've known it. Remember who appointed this ass wipe. As a reward for coaching his lawyers as they prepared to argue before his former boss and SCOTUS in 2000. Can't get away from that slimeball's legacy.

Now before you go on and say something about how that's a good thing, seeins how government's broken, consider that the last time corporations were in control of things -- the 1920s -- we were able to elect a president and government that in turn shackled them and laid the foundations for a period of stability that only ended with the Reagan policies of voodoo economics with his massive tax cut induced deficits, further fueled by ideologically mandated deregulation induced financial instability. Oh....

I forgot. St Ronnie did no wrong. He's the one who ended the Roosevelt Depression. But I digress....

The Constitution has been turned on it's head. The Bill of Rights has been turned against us. I know there will be suggestions that we amend the Constitution to somehow redefine people or declare that it only pertains to natural born citizens or some such thing. Do that and the literalist knuckle dragging conservatards will then declare that it cannot regulate anything Non Living, Such as corporations.

I guess the big question now is, Who chooses the big cheese? Oil? Insurance? Pharma? Coal?



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