Monday, August 27, 2007

Das Boot to Das Butt of Albert, or...

Going, Going, Gonzo, or
Bye Bye Alberto Gonezales, or
Oh fuck it; just go asshole.

Once again I'm too gun shy to celebrate, a la Rove's resignation. I've been wondering who will get tapped for the job. A lot of people's money's on Skeletor Chertoff, who I understand wrote a lot of the Patriot Act, but I've also been wondering about John Yoo, the pro-torture Stanford Law prof who brought us images of crushed testicles and such.

It could be a major crossroads for Dubya. I mean in Abu, he had the best of two worlds. He had a long time crony, and also an ally in the war to destroy the constitution. So what now? Will he go with a crony? Pull Harriet Myers out of moth balls? Karen Hughes again? Olbermann mentioned a fellow frat boy from Yale. Or will he go with an ally? How about that Asshole who wants him to be Caesar: Philip Atkinson? Fred Fielding's been a Justice Obstructer for years now; maybe let him enjoy center stage. Oh well....

Like I said in regards to Rove, It won't get better; only worse, whoever gets chosen.

In the meantime how about the shit Dub shoveled? About Gonzo being a good and honorable man... having his name drug through the mud... being treated unfairly for months... (That last one he got kinda close. Gonzo should be in jail for his contempt of Congress through his lies and stonewalling.) Would even the Faithful Twenty Nine Percenters believe that crap?


Dale said...

I must say, I was disappointed to see that you hadn't already written a blog about this when I wrote mine earlier today. I guess it helps that I have today off work. Not only did Skeletor co-draft the USA PATRIOT Act, he "managed the FEMA response to Hurricane Katrina". Strike two for him. One thing to keep in mind, whoever dubya nominates has to be confirmed by Congress. If they fail to confirm his nomination, could he possibly make it happen anyway?

Anonymous said...

There are some who will always believe. They're in so deep, they can't ever find their way out.

Chris in Seattle said...

Dale... Dub's typical end run of Congress is by way of the recess appointment. When Congress would not confirm Jon Bolton as his UN ambassador, Dub just waited until Congress was out of session and appointed him then. It wasn't just Bolton; he's done this a bunch of times over the years. If he wanted, he could throw someone like Rick Santorum, or Miss Teen South Carolina in there right now and no one could legally stop him.

I don't know all the nuts and bolts, but it's a temporary position, lasting for a year, I think; then the person has to face appointment/confirmation again. In Bolton's case, I think he actually did a re-recess appointment.

D... The Republican's like that; can't find his Rovie red ass with both hands and a flashlight.