Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Dub Years Continued, eh?

In a comment, Dale asks:

Just out of curiosity, since you and I have discussed this shitloads of times in the past few years, do you still think W will find a way to stay in office?

Yes, I've said I believed Dub would figure out a reason that would give him a way to stay in office beyond his term. I've said it many times, and I've meant it. Has anything happened to change my mind?

wellllll.... He doesn't seem do be standing in Obama's way of forming his new cabinet, but then to do so would be too obvious. He Has said that he wants to ensure a smooth transition; allow Obama and his team to come in and hit the ground running.

Obviously, I don't believe a god damned single fucking thing Dubya has to say. I haven't trusted the government since the days of Nixon, but Dubya's words and actions have pushed my distrust to new heights. He's developed an efficiency to his lying, that's almost mind boggling.

Behind this fucker's actions and words lies an unshakable belief in his "rightness." NOTHING shakes him, not reason, logic or even results. "The American people need to understand..." HE, and it seems he alone, knows what's right for the country and the world. Fuck the experts: The Iraq Study Group, the 911 Commission, etc. Charlie Gibson asks him about a do-over and his example is what THOSE guys could do over: Get the intelligence right on Iraq..?

THEY had it right;YOU didn't/wouldn't believe it. Or you did and ignored it. Whatever... the point is that he's NEVER admitted to a mistake. And to step aside and allow someone to undo what he's done would be the ultimate admission.

For the third time he's brought Karen Hughes out of mothballs to do PR work; this time to work with Turdblossom on "ensuring his legacy." As the country crumbles and the world spins off its axis, what the fuck are they going to do, short of a complete government take over of ALL arms of publishing, to put a positive spin on this disaster otherwise known as the Dubya administration?

Remember when the prospect of a Jeb presidency was mentioned? "I think he would make a great president "too." " Too as in "also," as in "like me," as in "I am a great president." He's sheltered his fragile, hollow ego in a house of cards, and I see no end to which he won't go to protect it.

What scares me is that he's not the only on who still thinks he's right. And that's not just the usual crazies like Grover Norquist and the "let's drown government in red ink the bath tub" crowd. Congress is ALSO concerned about lending money to help keep workers working, proposing to lend the automakers only HALF of what they requested. Did they propose reducing dividends? or bonuses? Why the scrutiny? Why not the free ride the ban-sur-vest companies are getting?

They could do a "de-facto" impeachment and ignore the fucker and turn to Barack and ask, "What do we do? What do you want?" but they don't. They could do things now to change the course of this country, but they don't.


They "should" have nothing to fear, but... enemy combatant status...?

So, Yes, I still think he's going to stay.

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