Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pushback? Against What?

Push back during sex, is one thing. I mean, unless you believe the woman should just lie back, spread and take it without moving...

I'm not so sure the Refuckyoucan crew at Faux Noise didn't purposely pick Mother's Day as their day to talk about pushback against the Democratic American efforts to investigate and prosecute those who created, justified, promoted etc the Bush crime family's enhanced interro torture (don't be squeamish... say it with me... you can do it) program. The latest talking point is that because Nancy Pelosi, and other Dems, knew about the techniques/program that we should back off from any actions. An idea to which I give a resounding

Bull Shit! !!!

The Cheney-ista's idea that because we got "good information," their actions were/are justified, is an idea that could not even come to light without bordering on lawbreaking. It is a felony: Treason, to reveal classified information. Pelosi may be an accomplice in that she approved torture; she MAY be an accomplice. She would definately have been a felon if she had gone public with information from classified briefings/documents.

Pelosi, Reid, Rockefeller... whoever, knowing about this matters not. I honestly do not fucking care. Not one whit. How else can I say it? This is a program, an episode in American history that should NOT have existed. Those who took part in it, MUST be prosecuted.

We just recently shipped a former Nazi prison guard off to face prosecution for war crimes. 29,000 counts of being an accomplice to murder, if my memory serves. He was a guard. Like Linndie England and Charles Graner. He was following orders. Like the CIA interrogators. Acting "in good faith" that what he was doing was necessary for the defense of his country. Unlike the FBI agents who walked out... refusing to take part in the torture.

But he was on the losing side: "Their" side. Is that what reeeeeeally makes the difference?

What else am I missing here?

Investigations, Truth Commissions... anything short of prosecutions, in the same courts, under the same laws that apply to the lowliest of all of the rest of us "little people," is pure bull shit. It's obvious that Bush and his crew wanted to skirt US and international law. They surrounded themselves with hacks that believed the same thing -- the David Addingtons -- and would show them the way -- John Yoos. They need to face the consequences. As does Ms Nancy.

As far as I'm concerned, if Obama knew about this shit, he needs to resign and be prosecuted as well.

If they're innocent, a jury of their peers will say so.


Anonymous said...

I am no fan of Nancy Pelosi, primarily because she had the one and only shot of doing what's right and impeaching Bush for criminal reasons . . . SHE DID NOT! As a matter of record, she said, "it's off the table". Hers. Not ours. So Fox can do what they want with her. The crazy voters in SF who kept her can have her too.

Chris in Seattle said...

Pelosi's been as full of shit as ...

She made so many fucking lame ass excuses to avoid impeachment, it was just unfucking believeable how she turned a blind eye to the obvious crimes Bush and his crew committed. And she's still trying to do the same thing.

She's either totally spineless.

or she's just as guilty and knows she'll go down with them.