Monday, May 4, 2009

Tolja So

"I never said I would be a loyal Democrat." Zat so, Arlen? Then what's the fucking point of you changing parties? Oh, that's right: To save your worthless ass the indignity of looking for real work.

Fucker views his seniority as an "entitlement." Right. So he intends to "rightfully" jump ahead of the second, third fourth and fifth term Senators who've fought for democratic causes for all of their careers. Same said causes that he has fought against.

Fucker views the idea of having to defend his record to voters in a primary race as an injustice. Right. Fuck what the voters want. What do they know anyway? (OK, so he may have point here. I mean we're talking refuckyoucan voters/followers/lemmings... Really, what CAN they know? ???)

Arlen, m'boy you ARE what's wrong with Washington. YOU are "politics as usual." These ideas you're voicing place you above and beyond the reach of voters and the Constitution itself. YOU as a Senator have NO rights except for those the voters give you. It is not YOUR Senate seat. It is on loan to you by the grace of the people of Pennsylvania.

I have more respect for fucktards like Evan Bayh, Ben Nelson and the others in that gang who oppose Parts of Obama's agenda, while remaining in the party. They may be bad for the party, and the party's ideals and plans, and by extension bad for the country, but even so, they are not bad for the country in the same sense you are.

And you ARE bad for the country.

This sense of entitlement... Are you some new form of nobility? It seems to me that it was against this shit that the Revolutionary War was fought.

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