Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Beginning of the End? ???

So Arlen Specter joins the Democratic Liebercrat Party. Olbermann, Matthews, Maddow, etc will be picking this apart, analyzing his voting record, his history of talking out of his ass... In a nut shell...

This is a desperate man trying to hold on to his Senate seat. If he loses, he has to find a real job. I'm not sure he's ever had one. I don't count his time on the Warren Commission, authoring the Magic Bullet Theory. Not as a real job anyway. Hmm... that would mean that other fantasy/fiction authors like JKRowling and Tolkien don't do real jobs. Oh well.

On the one hand a lot of what Specter says is true: The republican Party has become so right wing and ideological as to be idiotical. They're crazy fuckers over there, letting nimrods like Hannity, Malkin, Beck and Limbaugh speak for them. The thing is, this isn't the first time Specter's straddled party lines. Early in his career, he ran for office on the republican ticket, while he was a registered Democrat. Always reading the winds of change.

On the other hand, since the refuckyoucans are so fucked up and their brand so toxic, I wonder if this begins the trend of refuckyoucans simply changing their label and infiltrating the Democratic Party. A switch much like the racist southern democrats following George Wallace out of the party and in many instances becoming refuckyoucan. Somewhere in a previous post I predicted this, but I can't find he damn thing now.

Specter's already said he's not going to be "the 60th vote." You know, the guy who'll stand up for principle and help "his new party" get some shit done. Like the employee free choice act -- he opposes it. In a "rust belt state" ??? As I said: He's a sham.

Maybe this begins an entire realignment or parties. Lieberman, Specter, Lincoln Chaffee trying to un-refuckyoucanize themselves... maybe I'll get my wish and see Kucinich, Feingold and Bernie Sanders form a truly Progressive Party.

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