Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Change of heart?

So Obama's changing his tune regarding prosecutions for torture.

Am I relieved? Encouraged? Has he earned my respect? Do I owe him and apology? No. On all counts, a resounding, fucking, "NO!"

This is all just wishy washity disguised as centrism. Obama stated his position, Rahm Emmanuel clarified it, but now, because of the backlash, he's doing hinting at doing, what any rational human being would have done from the beginning. This is a former constitutional lawyer and professor/lecturer. I mean.... come on. DUH !!!! This hesitation and what-the-fuckery ranks right up there with Dubya the MBA's fucking of our economy.

Charge them with the crimes and try them.

I'm so fucking tired of "taking what I can get," for president.


Anonymous said...

This has made a 180 turn to total politics and you can bet a special counsel will be appointed to keep everything they find quiet. By end of summer, most of us will be wondering what a waterboarding was. Cue Dick Cheney.

Chris in Seattle said...

Special Counsels, Special Prosecutors, Congressional Hearings... how many different ways to say, "Bull Shit!"? None of Dubya's cronies will answer questions to the press, because of ongoing investigations, while at the same time they claim executive privilege to ignore the investigators' subpoenas. Just as they've done so far.

Would be nice if Congressional Democrats had spines.