Monday, April 20, 2009

Bullshitiousness and Douchebaggery... Part...

Oh Hell, I forget what part. But there's new shovellers and nozzles involved.

Obama... he continues to dismay and disappoint me. His latest failure regards his release of the torture memos. Why the fuck release them and yet promise no prosecutions? ??? There is no other way to say it: This is Bull Shit, plain and simple.

I suppose if Dan Abrams was still on the air that he would be calling this a "slight move to the center," again. Like when he voted for the Freedom Is Superfluous Act, to cancel the Fourth Amendment. I'm more inclined to believe the extreme right actually may be right -- by accident -- in calling him a Fascist with this move.

Waterboarding is torture. There is NO arguing. Torture is a war crime. These memos, these decriminalizing, "legal justifications" are CRAP. Those who performed the 183 waterboardings of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed... Six times a day, for a month? ??? and those who justified it, those who authorized it, and those who would cover it up -- Still there Barack? -- are war criminals. Just like those past enemies WE put on trial in the past:
After Japan surrendered, the United States organized and participated in the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, generally called the Tokyo War Crimes Trials. Leading members of Japan's military and government elite were charged, among their many other crimes, with torturing Allied military personnel and civilians. The principal proof upon which their torture convictions were based was conduct that we would now call waterboarding.
Acting in good faith? Bullshit.

Following orders? Bullshit.

Always done in the presence of doctors? Bullshit.

What if there was a ticking time bomb.... blah blah... Fucking Bull Shit.

A crime is a crime and it should be punished.

Fuck Truth Commissions. Fuck Congressional Hearings.

Obama blew it on FISA. He's blowing it here. Hopefully his Attorney General has spine enough to do what's right.

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