Monday, April 13, 2009

I Shall Return... UPDATED

I just don't know when.

It's been damn near a month since I posted last, and that wasn't much of a post anyway.

Work's been a bear. We went from a month of seven twelves on one job right into five tens on the next. And I'm sure that we'll be into six tens eventually. I'm one of the lucky ones, I know. From what I gather, we have more work in the works; a year's worth, maybe more. It's been a hard eight years under Dubya and his refuckyoucan rubber stampers, watching job after job go to companies overseas... bidding work on the slimmest of margins (if not at a loss), just to keep the doors from closing. The owners hung in there though.

Life at home's exciting too. Looks like we'll be raising the grandmonster for the ... well... who knows how long. The wife and I feel like we're too old for that kind of shit, but we gotta do what we gotta do for the kid. We're at least on the same page with regard to the big picture. We'll see about the details as time goes on. It's going to be a big challenge for me, as I've never really wanted kids -- too much responsibility -- but the bar's not set very high: Frozen PBJs? I can make 'em from scratch. Seriously though, the kid was dealt some pretty shitty hole cards; I hope I can help him out on the flop here.

We re-fied the house. It's too big for just the two of us... ooops... three of us, but then again, we have room to get away from each other when the need arises. And, I bought a truck: A 2006 Dodge Dakota. I was debating the possibilities of fuel efficiency versus towing capacity for the pop up camper we've talked about for a few years now, and finally decided -- or did the wife do that? -- on the truck. So we've done our part, or part of it, to spur the economy. Speaking of which...

The economy is on its way up? Iiiiiiii donnnnnnn't knowwwwww about that. Just because there's a few people out there like me, who have a job and some cash to take advantage of plummetting prices -- I'm wonderring if I bought the truck tooo soon -- doen NOT mean things have turned around. It would be nice if it were more than just a temporary uptick, but until there are some major changes to the structure of the country's economy ie people going back to work making shit... It's just more Bush shit: Borrow and spend. We as a nation have spent our savings; we've spent the equity in our homes, we've spent the sailboat fuel offered us so we could buy houses and other shit.. ALL made in China.

And the tea baggers? All those planning to join this manufactured crusade are exactly that: Tea baggers. Sucking the scrotes of the Hannities and the Gingriches and Limbaughs and the McCains and the Roves and the... lame ass fake plumber fuck whose name isn't even Joe of the Refuckyoucan conservatard movement. Stupid fucking moron tools. Gotta give credit where credit is due: The term is quite fitting.

SHIT I forgot to mention last night:

Been waiting for over a week for Suzie the Mini-Dach to drop her puppies. Well last night/early this Morning, she did. 3 of 'em. Two males and a female, I think. After she had the first to, we were worried that she was going to reject them, but turns out she had a third in there, and after she pooped that one out, the mom in her took over big time. The other dogs look at her and she goes all fierce. Pics will be coming soon as the wife gets them loaded up.

I gotta admit, I kinda feel guilty. With all the people geting thrown out of their jobs and homes and having to give up pets, well.... Hell the step daughter has two cats that are going to have to join the ranks of the homeless. We had them here once before and they terrorized our cat who's much older and more timid. Not to mention they tore up shit all over the place. Little fuckers would chase and charge over the top of us all through the night.

Cuzz of the pups, I took the day off: NO sleep last night. Zero;Zip;Nada. Good way to find myself sucked into a machine at work. Sleep today and I'll be fucked up for the week. Got to hear Obama's speech this morning. "We need to make things." Gee, who else has been saying that?

Our economy for the past 8 years (and even longer) has been a complete fraud, disguised by smoke and mirrors, running on nothing but sailboat fuel. I'm not very happy about the new debt and deficits, but as long as we're getting something in return, and I don't mean wars, death and destruction, I can think of them as down payments.. purchases. For all of the spending done by Bush and his refuckyoucan rubber stampers, we, the people, the country, got NOTHING in the end. It ALL went to multinational corporations and the top 1-2%. The rich became super rich.

Now if Obama could just muster the balls to let the justice system take over and prosecute the Bush Syndicate's crimes against humanity...


Distributorcap said...

busy guy..... i welcome your return whenever...

nunya said...

Hey, welcome back :0

Sorry you've got so much stuff to deal with. Hang in there.

Chris in Seattle said...

Thanks for the encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Be Careful. After Obama got that dog, he's been acting a little weird. Guess we'll have to start watching you now.

Chris in Seattle said...

I already had three dogs. Not sure that that means I'm as weird as I can get...?