Sunday, March 14, 2010

Chuck the Toad Fox Up

In other words MSNCB's political guru, Chuck Todd joins Fucks Noise from afar by reiterating their lie equating the "Nuclear Option" from the Bill Frist Senate, with the process of reconciliation. He combined this with a "David Gregory" when he "had to leave it there," in his interview with Arlen Specter while he filled in for Chris Matthews as host of Lowball. All with a straight face, just as if he was a refuckyoucan legislator, or directly on the Fucks Noise payroll.

If I was going to hear such horse shit on MSNBC, I expected it would come from Scarborough and his trained seal. The ones who continually spew the lie that we are a center right nation. As well as the wonders and benefits of sending our jobs to China.

Where do we go for journalistic integrity? ??? Todd told a blatant fucking LIE. He knows better. and if he doesn't, he has NO fucking business calling himself a journalist.

Glenn Beck used to work for CNN. Gone.
Lou Dobbs used to work for CNN. Gone.
Chuck Todd still works for MSNBC. Needs to be GONE.

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