Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Hate When Scarborough is Right

Actually, It's O'Donnell who's right; the Scar just sits and agrees. Hey, when someone else does your dirty work, tells you that a Democrat is going to raise your taxes, what's a good conservatard supposed to do, eh?

Yeah it's the health care bill again. You holding your breath? You should, because if it goes through, there will be a giant flaming turd dumped on the entire country. For all of Obama's posturing and speechifying in Ohio yesterday? Over the woman with leukemia?

This bill doesn't help her.

The pre-existing condition "protections" only apply to children for the first 3 years. THEN the "protections" kick in and instead of being refused coverage outright, you get priced out. Ahhhhh, but there's a mandate, and federal subsidies, you say? Meaning the public at large gets to fork over untold BILLIONS and TRILLIONS? yup

Wanna get into the end of lifetime caps? Ya sure? They end, yeah. And in there place we'll have yearly caps as long as they're "reasonable." And who defines reasonable? A team of doctors, researchers, medical professionals.... huh, wha? Bean counters at the insurance companies?

Oh, and the tax FINE for providing good coverage? FINALLY someone admits to what I've known all along: The purpose of that is to reduce benefits. Lower the bar. We're shit, people. Congress has outlawed the idea of treating workers like people. We're a new slave class; officially.

Now I realize that it's been put off till after Obummer will be out of office, so it will likely never come to pass, but if it did, there would be no money made from it. It is assumed for some ridiculous, unfounded, fairy tail belief (I was going to say reason, but that implies a link to reality) that after: in order to avoid the fine, businesses cut benefits and then give their employees raises to replace those benefits; raises which will then be subject to income taxes.

The Dubya "Business model" of government lives on: Government = Insurance company

Collect premiums ==> Make payments
Collect taxes ==> Make payments

With this bill, Obama destroys the Democratic Party. If it passes. If it fails. Pick your poison.

MAYBE he'll bring down the refuckyoucans for their obstructionism, but I'm not so sure. People tend to vote from emotion as much if not more than from sense and reason.

Will third party candidates arise from the mid term blood bath? WE CAN ONLY HOPE.

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