Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Change at Quarterback?

So Bubba comes off the bench and handles the White House press corps while Obama goes off to whatever it is irrelevant preznits do. Something about his wife and a Christmas reception.... new instructions from a "party crasher?" Who knows. Bubba... the last President to have a balanced budget and a surplus, is now defending Obama's decision/surrender to extend the Dubyacit, and make it his own. Proof of Micheal Moore's assertion that he was the best republican president we've ever had.

So does this make Obama a republican? Or does it retroactively make Dubya a socialist? Same shit, different bucket: Debt is stimulative. Up is down and black is white; the sky is green and grass is blue. There is sooooooooooooooooooooo much wrong with this and only one single solitary good point: The unemployment extension. And even THAT is flawed.

This ASS HOLE is hiding behind the skirts of 2,000,000 unemployed people -- while he abandons just as many... the "99ers" -- so he can join his regressive buddies in protecting 1-2% of the population. Cuzz he so LOVES to help people who don't need help. At least when he's not working to bring about enhanced Hooverism and the glories of an Even Greater Depression.

The needs of the few out-weigh the needs of the many.

In the end, there is NO lasting good that will come from this. They know this; Goolsby's admitted it. And yet, the message is that this is a good deal? This total failure in policy, negotiation, marketing, economic/accounting/arithmetic... will provide a WEALTH of case study for future generations. Even MSNBC, the so-called "left wing network, is hawking the story:
"Lot's of talk about the tax..." "....Will it add to the deficit..."
DUUUHHHHHH!!!!!! Jesus Aitch on a popfuckingscicle stick would you assholes STOP with the insults to my intelligence. I will NEVER eat the shit you feed me and agree that it's fudge.

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