Saturday, December 4, 2010

Congratulations once again...

To the minority. You can go to C-Span -- where they do a pretty piss-poor job of describing what they're talking about -- and see the roll call vote tallies, and make note that 11 regressives didn't bother to vote at all... the same thing for which they tried to crucify the great compromiser, Obama. But I digress.

Working class conservatives, This is what you voted for? A crew led by John Mr Chicken Shit Boner, and Mitch McMushmouth to tell you they think you're worthless? You're serious? How deep does your self loathing run? If I ever understand the voting motivations of working class, middle class blue (or white) collar conservatives, PLEASE, someone shoot me. on the other hand...

Why aren't those clowns standing up in diapers doing a REAL filibuster that the "low information" ill informed, ie STUPID voters can actually see and hear? Would they believe it even then?

Just let the fucking tax cuts go away. They were stupid and irresponsible when they were enacted. They're stupid and irresponsible now. And it's stupid and irresponsible to even consider continuing them. If they're so essential to "creating jobs" -- as if jobs appear from thin air -- why do we have a job crisis? Are Rush Limplog, Sean Vannity, Glenn Brick, et al going to pool their tax refunds together to form some corporation to manufacture....? Don't insult my intelligence. There's far more money to be made in paper bullshit and bubble filler than in actually producing anything of use and value.

The idea behind reaganomics voodoo economics, that people will become so rich from collecting their interest and dividends, that just out of shear boredom they will ... create jobs for people to do... what exactly..? This is the epitome of ludicrous iositiousness... it's fucking stupid.

Reagan ==> Tax cuts = record deficits
Aitch Dub ==> Tax cuts = new record deficits
but that wasn't enough
Dubya ==> Tax cuts = new and improved record deficits... that "Reagan taught us don't matter"

Can we please acknowledge reality? end the fucktardery? ???

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