Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pre-tourney Time Killing Stuff

While taking my morning dump, I happened across this little gem on page 21 of Playboy's April issue:

Although military veterans represent only 11% of civilian adults in the US, they make up more than 26% of the homeless population. 195,854 vets are out on the streets every night.

I remember not too long ago writing about all the broohaha from Bill O'Lielly aimed at John Edwards over the issue of homeless vets. At the time, Billy the Bully said that if they were out there, there weren't many, while Edwards said there were roughly 200,000. I wonder now that there's a figure out there that's less than Edwards' , if Billy will pull a "See I tolja so."

I don't know where/how Playboy came up with this number, but hey, if you can't accept as true, a statement put forth by a purveyor of fake titties, who will you believe?

After reading this I looked for Curling. Yes I watch curling. Don't know if Firestarter will be proud of me or not, but the skip for the Canadian team is a chick named Jennifer Jones. She's a BABE! Not sure if she's a fake blonde or not, cuzz the Canadian channel isn't in HD and I haven't seen a closeup that's good enough for me to see if her eyes are brown or not. That's not 100% way to know, but it's close.

When a hot chick says, "Eh," that makes her doubly hot.

And for you doubters out there, there really is a show called Canadian Idol. I actually saw a slice of it. Not sure if it's up Kimmy K's aisle or not.


serial catowner said...

Totally agree, the Canadians are hot. And really, in this day and age, where else can you watch a woman running backward on ice busily sweeping with a broom.

But I can't figure out the rules. I suppose I should just google the damn thing, but it would be easier to just click here once in a while and see if you're inspired to explain them.

Chris in Seattle said...

Hmmm... the rules of Curling. I can't say that I know them all myself. I would likely totally butcher a lot of the terms. Like I don't think they have games, matches or tournaments. The have stuff like Briers and Bonschpiels, and I wouldn't have a clue how to explain them if they bit me in the ass.

There's always wikipedia.

serial catowner said...

The rules turn out to be fairly simple, but I got a mental charley-horse trying to understand the scoreboards, and must now lean my forehead against a cool wall.

Chris in Seattle said...

Yeah, it really is simple to pick up when you watch it. It's sort of like combination of shuffle board, lawn bowling, and marbles. We were vacationing in Hawaii during the last Winter Olympics and I couldn't sleep worth a damn. I'd get up and curling would be the only thing on. Wife thought I was crazy, but I got hooked.