Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What's That You Say, Snotwad? ???

Another fucking gem from Mr Mucous, our esteemed Attorney Degenerate. A call from Afghanistan that couldn't be traced because of FISA? Right. What's the fun in doing things legally? Like I said before, as much as I hated Gonzo, I just KNEW there would be no improvement when Dubya replaced him. OK, so maybe he's not the one who actually made the decision to ignore the call. If it even existed. But that doesn't really matter. The fucker's lied. And an AG worth his weight in shit or snot, doesn't lie. FISA did NOT hinder anyone from tracing a call such as this, and there are far more qualified people than me making that case. But then there's the lie behind the lie.

And that's what needs to be ferreted out.

They trace your calls to your grandma, so you know good and god damned well they'd trace this one. If they gave a flying fuck about national security. So that begs the question: Why didn't they trace it?

Either the call didn't exist.


Dubya didn't give a fuck.

Tell ya what. Go back to Fahrenheit 911, and Dubya's pet goat moment. Watch his reaction closely. How he sweats... drools... fidgets... does he shit his pants? Piss them? He sure looks to me like he's about to.

The fuckstain knew something was coming.

But he didn't know what. Fuck, if he couldn't fly a plane, he knew damn well a few camel jockies couldn't. And certainly there'd be no way enough of 'em could fly FOUR planes. and actually hit something they aimed at. No....

Don't get your hopes up for hearings.


DCup said...

We'd be crazy to expect accountability, wouldn't we?

Why would it start now?

Chris in Seattle said...

Especially through Conyers. That guy is such a phony. Remember before the Dems were in charge, the hearings he held in the basement? You don't? Apparently, neither does he, now that he's in charge. Waxman holds hearings. Be nice if somebody'd show. Be nice if they'd get nailed for contempt when they didn't.

I can laugh at stories like this coming out of N Korea. Not funny when it's here though.

Distributorcap said...

welcome to the United States of Banana Republics....

no one works for chimpy who isnt a crook and liar