Wednesday, April 16, 2008

As I Was Saying (Looky Look... an Update!)

Cantwell. I hated having to vote for her. Voted for Dubya's war. Defends her vote.

But is not on board with Webb's new GI Bill.

Unfuckingbelieveable and infuckingexcuseable.

Let me say, I am not a vet. I got out of high school too close to the end of Nam; there was just no way I was putting myself that close to the chopping block. Thing is though, I have NO problem taking care of those who take care of me/us: our cops, fireman and vets. Fuckers put their lives on the line, they deserve perks and benefits.

Gotta scoot. maybe more on this tonight.

Cuntwell's getting a call from me today though.

And now (as opposed to then... this morning)

Called her DC office. I wish I'd taken notes or recorded the conversation. Yes it WAS a conversation; I was polite enough to allow the poor answerer to speak. The guy had to ask me if I'd heard of the Senator's own GI-type Bill-type proposed legislation: The Lifetime (or was it lifelong?) GI Bill..? I hadn't so I asked him to explain. Welllll apparently there are deadlines on these poor bastards can use some of the present GI Bill's provisions. Sucks big time. My Maria proposes to do away with those. OK...

That sounds real nice, but what good does it do to give these kids a lifetime to use shit that isn't there? That's basically what I told this kid; without cussing. (Actually I surprised the fuck out of myself by not dropping any F-bombs (that I remember) or other four letter gems.) If she was intending to add her idea to Webb's bill as an amendment, that would be OK, but she NEEDS to sign on to Webb's bill.

I don't know what happened to the Rykoff meeting. I'm sure I heard that it was to be today, but me being sure doesn't always mean much more than Dubya being sure. (except for his lacks of sincerity and honesty) The DC kid gave me Cantwell's (and yes I did refer to her by her proper name "Cantwell" the entire time... I didn't even drop in a "Cantsmile) Seattle office number and the kid here had no clue what I was talking about. Said she was in DC. But then said something that gave me the idea he didn't know (or couldn't/wouldn't say) where she was. Oh...

This was cool.

At least I thought it was.

I got into it about her Iraq war vote. (I'm still so proud of myself that I didn't cuss... on either call) Told both kids it was SHTOOOPEED big time. Oh.. called her a Republican for doing so, and the kid says that lots of other Dems voted with her. They were stupid too I said. Got into the combination of sending kids to die for nothing and then not giving them bennies when they get home, being TOTALLY unconscionable and indefensible. Oh, cuzz I'd said something about trying to be to the point yet be polite and the guy says that she has a thick skin and I said she'd need to have one considering all that shit I just typed and how shtooopeed it was and such.

Ya know, I had the feeling the kid in DC was on my side; wanted to grab her and shake her and try to get her to see sense on things. But... That's pure speculation on my part; he was loyal. Don't let the NSA boys tell you otherwise Ms Mar C. You start firing kids for thinking, and I WILL vote for... my dog if I have to.