Monday, April 14, 2008

Bitter? Maybe...

I'm definitely pissed though.

I'm pissed that I have to vote for half asses just to keep Refuckyoucans out of office. Case in point Gregoire for governor as opposed to Rossi. Wow, what a choice that was. Pig shit or cow shit.

Maria Cantwell. Has to defend her Iraq vote to the last. I guess she wants to prove she has as much testosterone as a man. Like Hillary. You can't say that an inexcusable and illegal war is OK, or would be OK if it was just administered correctly. Dumb is dumb, illegal is illegal, sociopathic is sociopathic, no matter how you cut it, your vote was a totally fucked up move.

I'm pissed at the way Democrats allow the Refucks to lie over and over and pin all sorts of misrepresentations on them. Like "tax and spend liberals." Hey, Dumb fucks. At least we know how to balance a check book and understand that the money you spend has to come from somewhere. Preferably not China.

And Elitists. No wait, that's not Refucks pinning that on Barack, that's Hillary. I forgot, she's the new Lieberman. Loves to endorse McCunt every chance she gets. I will say that her old man came up with something smart for a change. His track record of late has been pretty sucky.

With all due respect to our nation's farmers, I think it's idiotic to raise corn to produce ethanol. I think it shows the depth of a depraved selfishness, that we somehow think it's OK to burn food in our SUVs.

Bitter, pissed, call it what you want, I'm it, Barack's right, and Hillary needs to shut the fuck up and get with the program of putting this country back on the right path, rather than worrying first and foremost about how she can screw whoever stands in her way.

However, I'm not going to let shit blind me into voting for McCunt and another term of Dubya's insanity if I don't like who the nominee is.

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