Sunday, April 13, 2008

When Assholes Reproduce

A H/T to Forty Two from whom I stole this title as well as a H/T to Firestarter from whom I got the link to Forty Two's post. I think I first heard about this while listening to Ed Shultz a few days ago.

There's plenty of sickness here to go around and I'm not going to exclude myself either. Face it, these punks were out to claim their 15 minutes of fame by recording and posting this. That's plenty sick. Shultz and FT both talk about the parents who spawned and raised these little sicklings and instilled them with sick values. FS talks about sites like AOL playing both sides: Talking about how sick the video is and how it maybe should not be posted, and then posting the damn thing so googlers can find them.

And now here I am. I suppose I should do my part in trying to let the thing die, but I have my own (worthless?) excuse for not doing so and that's this:

Assholes Reproducing and whether or not they should be allowed to do so.

There's a lot to consider there. For one: Who decides who's an asshole?

How do we pick that "who?" What rules do they follow. If you look at Dubya's appointments, Holy Fuck... We'd have only the worst of the worst assholes chosen to preside. Christopaths, torturers, ideologues... Basically, anyone Keith Olberman would be proud to include as Worst Person in the World.

Who would McCunt pick? People certainly as bad as Dubya's choices.

Hillary? People who hate Obama for having the temerity to take HER office from her. The nerve of that uppity house N.....ever mind.

What about Dennis Kucinich? Hmmm... I wonder if Shirley McClain and all the others who sat around at that gathering when he saw the UFO would be on the board? His wife maybe?

As I consider all this, I have to confess that I'm really not fit, and never was, to be a parent. Kids just flat out bug me. I was all ready to start on a post a while ago and then the grandmonster came in and harshed my buzz by getting all squeally and squeazy with the Mini Dachs... I wanted to ring his neck for basically doing nothing more than being a kid. Speaking of the grandmonster: Would he even exist under the Asshole Reproduction Control Board's scrutiny? I doubt it, considering his Dad/sperm donor. His mom might stand a chance of passing as breeding stock, but that's questionable.

I know, I know, it takes more to get licensed to do nails and color hair. Oh but there's dangerous chemicals involved. Like the ammonia, bleach and detergent, not to mention the home perm kits found under many a sink? In a way it makes sense to license human breeders, but be careful for what you ask:

Despite my unfitness, I might still pass considering my IQ, education, income, etc. God help us if that would've happened.

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Forty_Two said...

There is no safe method of deciding who should be allowed to raise children without inspiring another round of eugenics kooks.

Instead, I propose that we establish a few standards for anyone who wants to become a parent and hold parents criminally accountable for modeling, encouraging, or excusing violent, criminal behavior in their children, particularly when they blame their child's violence on the victim.

If you want to read about the poster boys of bad parenting, just google "Rocky Hoffschneider." He's even found someone stupid enough to take a violent sociopath and teach him how to be more violent. Add "Ultimate Fighter" to your search.