Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tell Me Again Who's in Charge Now....?

I really fucked up, not listening to Rachel Maddow when she filled in for Keith O the other night. I know it's just her sitting, doing the reading of shit that's written for her (unless I need an education on how these shows are done), but still, gay or not, she's a babe and wicked smart to boot. Find her radio show, if it's in your area and you'll see what I mean. OK... enough wind up her skirt... on to the issue:

From her appearance last Friday and the segment Keith calls Bushed: The never ending parade of scandalous bullshit foisted on us by this crime syndicate. Wait. Say what? Congress did this?

Yup. Check out the links at Crooks and Liars if you don't believe me (And this is why I say I fucked up; I coulda had this story first if I'da followed my baser babe-sniffing instincts last Friday). Here's the poop:

Congress, the Senate in particular, sensing our pain in this refuckyoucan free market created mortgage crisis, is planning a 15.3 Billion buck housing stimulus bill. And yes it is bull shit. Your first clue? That it's described as a stimulus.

We should all know by now, that's just refuckyoucan code for tax incentive/relief... tax breaks for the rich. Seriously folks, how many people will stay in their homes because they get to deduct a hundred or a few grand from there taxable incomes? How many people do you know who can afford to wait that long? I doubt it's very many. Add to that that it's only 3.3 of the total that's going to dribble down their legs to homeowners anyway. The rest?

Of courrrrrrse... it all goes to businesses. A big ol' hearty DUH to all you fuckers who couldn't answer that. But wait... there's more:

Remember the refuckyoucan sponsored bankruptcy reforms from the bill Frist era? The ones that ensured the medical/insurance/pharmaceutical megalith would get their money? Well the refucks have kept to the spirit of times past and ensured that dumbassed activist bankruptcy judges will be putting these forecloseable homes into foreclosure and their occupants into the streets where they damn well fucking belong.

What's that?

It's not the refucks?

The Democrats hold the majority in the Senate?

No shit?

So people in bankruptcy don't deserve help; they got there through their own stupidity; they deserve to be fucked? I'm not going to say no one has ever taken advantage of the system. Plenty of people simply cannot/will not learn to live within their means. Not that anyone in MY family would... never mind.

Yes. The wife and I went through a Chapter 13, brought on by both 1) my student loan bills and 2) our credit card debt. However... Much of the problem with the credit cards was their repeatedly changing her mailing address, sending bills to places her daughter hadn't lived at for several years (black holes) and then after her missed payments charging ridiculous late fees and raising her interest rates. I mean when a bill goes up, even when you haven't used the card in 6 years... Come on. That's because the game -- even before the Frist Reformation -- had the rules written in their favor.

A lot of Americans like to champion the idea of "second chances." Whether it be consider Pet Rose, Barry Bonds or Shoeless Joe Jackson for the hall of fame, pardon Scooter Libby, or keep Dubya, Dick and Donny -- the Asses of Evil -- off the gallows for their war crimes, there always seems to be a large element of the public willing to give people a mulligan.

Bankruptcy is an economic mulligan. It is especially important that it be kept as an option for people who go bankrupt through no fault of their own. Specifically through catastrophic medical expenses; hence the outright criminal cruelty of the Frist Reforms to get the pound of flesh for his family's Hospital Corporation of America. It was bad enough when lawyers wrote the law, but I digress. One of the important aspects of bankruptcy, or at least what used to be an important component, was that they could not take your home or means to income. Usually they would not even take your car.

Lest I forget, cuzz I know there's someone out there thinking the banks, lenders and credit card people need to be protected from us consumers...: Why did only 40% of our debt get claimed/acknowledged? Actually, I'm not even sure we had to pay off that much, and that was simply because NO ONE responded to demand payment. Riiiiight. They need protection from actually needing to get off their asses and work. (Oddly enough, Sears always shows up to both demand payment Plus offer a new credit card!)

So in the end, all this bill does is pave the way for a second generation of Hoovervilles by throwing people out of their homes. Only this time, they're going to be Democratic Hoovervilles.

Reidvilles? Pelosivilles?

When the fuck will they learn? This is so fucking transparent. These spineless dick drippings KNOW that these breaks to business simply do not fucking work. They didn't work when Hoover tried them; they didn't work for Reagan; and they haven't been working for Dubya. Unless by working you mean keeping rich fucks rich and poor folks poor. In that respect they've been a phenomenal success. So why then continue to do them?

So Dubya can't call them names? Blame them for HIS failures? Make it look like they're doing something? Yo... Fuckwads... we did not send you to DC to act as enablers for a dry drunk asshole.


Rocky at alien trucker said...

Indeed! Lets see how they muddle through the QnA session with the general and ambassador tuesday. Probably keep following the Bushies like the blind sheep they are.

Chris in Seattle said...

Can't ask a "war hero" tough questions. Another dog and pony show.

Distributorcap said...

for the stupidest man alive, bush sure wins a lot of friends in congress

they all follow his script, even the dems