Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Party Poopers?

That's the title to a column here in the PI by Robert L Jamieson on Monday. I've heard of this shit before, but in light of some of McCain's latest broadsides from his Senile Express.... I've fucking had enough.

Jamieson goes into a long description of this chick and her background as a Jewish Liberal, blah blah blah, but then she says that if Hillary's not on the ballot, she'll vote for McCain. I read that and I'm like, Whoa Bitch, you listening to yourself? You're willing to put another 4 years of Bush on the country, because....? Why again? ??? Well there's this shit:

His pitch riles her -- what she sees as his inability to offer concrete policies beyond buzzwords like "change."

"My big concern is Social Security," Frooman said. "I haven't heard him say much about that."

well, Jonny Mac certainly offers concrete.... concrete. He's a cement head. He admits to knowing nothing about economics, and has basically turned all that stuff over to Phil Graham, who makes Reagan look like an amateur when it comes to deregulating and letting industry have their way. He likes Dubya's plans to destroy Social Security too. So we can save it.

And there's more...:

There's also the issue of the resume. Obama has held his seat in Congress for three years, compared with Clinton's seven.

Clinton's Beltway tenure -- not including an eight-year turn as First Lady -- has seasoned her to deal with the snake pit of D.C. and enabled her to bridge party lines, Frooman said.

"Experience counts for something," she argued.

This "experience" argument makes my fucking blood boil. She has "Government experience" from being a first lady to a governor and a president? Besides fucking him,
we assume,
just WHAT did she do? Seriously, WHAT? Why not put Nancy Reagan up for office?


WHY not?

Ohhhhhh.... Nancy's not a senator. Back to "experience"...

Lots of people have experience.

Tom Delay

David Vitter

Newt Gingrich

Larry Craig

Duke Cunningham

There's Good experience, and there's Bad experience. When I sat through my education classes I came across a quote from James.... oh fuck that's his last name... anyway,

Supposedly some lady was trying to make a point to him and she told him that she'd taught for "x" number years. His response was to ask had she taught "x" number of classes, or one class "x" number of times?

Experience at doing the wrong thing, no matter how many times, how many years, doesn't count. Keep defending that Iraq War vote Hills. The only reason to defend the indefensible is that you believed in the original indefensible position: You wanted the fucking war, for some damn reason.

I haven't written to (her through) the PI, and I doubt there's any reason to:

Frooman remains unmoved. "I'm not voting this way because I'm endorsing the Republicans," she said. "I'm just so annoyed with the Democrats."

And the next time you don't like what you see in the mirror, do you cut yourself or break the mirror? Oh hell, nuke it from orbit; it's the only way to be sure, Right?

A vote for McCain, is exactly that.

Ms Frooman, there's a word for people like you:


There's other words, but they're not nice like that one.


Distributorcap said...

gotta love people who vote strictly out of anger instead of what is better for their daily lives

Chris in Seattle said...

It's spite, pure and simple. It's the deep seated spite in Hillary, speaking to the deep seated spite in people like this Frooman chick. That's what I saw most of all in Hillary when she endorsed McCain:

I believe I bring a lifetime of experience...I believe John McCain brings a lifetime of experience... Barack Obama brings a speech he gave...

A rant out of blatant Spite.