Friday, May 2, 2008

Another One for You Sixth Grade Fucks

If Barack Obama's failure to run screaming from Rev Wright's church makes him an enemy of America, consider this:

The Catholic church still exists.

Still thinking?

Guess we have a few million pedophiles sitting sniffing incense, confessing sins, fiddling and diddling with rosaries, eating wafers that if they were the body of Christ would put his weight at "far, far beyond any previously imagined notion of obesity,"

Still thinking? Really?

Yeah fucking right.

Ass wipes.


Distributorcap said...

oh chris -- and what about Hagee... and McCain -- and the free pass....


Chris in Seattle said...

That's True DC, and kinda what I was trying to get at. I don't understand the free pass McCain gets, except that maybe, "If you don't vote for the former POW, then you hate Amerika and love her enemas." It's an absolute load of crap, but it's been Dub's pacifier since 9-11.

McCain's so fucking batshit insane he'd probably bomb Hanoi to avenge his prison time.

He really is scarier than Dub.