Thursday, May 29, 2008

Puzzled? ??? Surprised? ???

Then pack up and move to Stupidville.

Yes, I refer to McLiellan and his new book with the same old shit:

It wasn't my fault!!!

Was he fed lies?

No doubt.

Did he know this? At the time?

As I've said before: It's what they do, it's all they do,and they absolutely will not stop!
Yeah; Fucker knew.

Did he himself construct and tell lies?

He kept his job for a while didn't he? Ever watch one of his press briefings? Seventy pounds overweight and I don't sweat so much under heat lamps.
Obviously; Fucker lied.

So what the fuck? What do I think? I suppose I should say, otherwise why do I have a fucking blog, eh?

The fucker's a whore. He whored himself out to tell lies. For a liar. Doesn't matter how nice the furniture was in the whor....ite house lobby. Lying is lying; whoring is whoring; he did both and still is. Was he an escort for presidential verbiage? NO

He was and is a fucking WHORE !!!!!!

Gotta feed the wife and kids though; Although my wife has real skills.

I read the Paul O'Neill book, and a couple of others, but I have no desire to read this one; I can't see putting money into his little floozie garter belt. One BIG difference between this asswipe and O'Neill is that O'Neill was fired and refused to pose for the bullshit photos or play huggy-bear-kissy face in the rose garden afterward. The Dubya-McLiellan Boo Hoo scene making the rounds? It's bull shit. Dub fired his ass. anyway....

WHY do fuckers like this wait? ??? Values? ??? Loyalty? ???
To his Madaam. and of COURSE the almighty (devalued) dollar.
To the nation and constitution?
Fuck me with a taser, Pulleazzze.

Nothing in the book should be considered "news." It's just chin dribbles that hit the floor, and cum stains recovered from his laundry racing stripes.

If Scottie had ANY values or morals, he would have quit LONG ago and save this country a LOT of misery.

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