Saturday, February 20, 2010

Let's Re-Convene Nuremburg

Poor judgment. That what an associate something or other in the Obama inJustice Department has found. And here I'd been thinking that the rejected finding of Professional Misconduct was wishy washy and crockshitleeishious.

The mothfuckers wrote opinions that essntially said that war crimes are legal; when the US does them. Torture is not torture; when the US does it. Take away John McCain's "hero" badge. He wasn't tortured. He was enhancedly interrogated.

We had a Harvard MBA running up record deficits, "running the government like a business."

We now have a "Constitutional Scholar" taking the treatment of prisoners (of war) back to the Dark Ages, so we can "look forward, not back." So much for Nuremberg; so much for the Andersonville Trial. I guess Hitler's advisors exercised "poor judgment" as well? ???

I guess legal opinion, like history, is written by the victor.

Change we can believe in?

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