Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Sunday... Super Meal..?

Been too long since my last post. When was it I said I was going to try to post twice a day? And the refuckyoucan party loves Amurrka. OK, whatever. So catching up...

I have to admit, I wasn't nearly as pissed off as I expected to be after bummer's SOTU address. Seemed like he was calling out the opposition for their obstructionism and basic asshattery. At least in his fashion. He managed to tell the SCROTUS they fucked our system up with their corporatic decision on campaign finance. As an aside here, that decision points out the true genius of Dubya: Od something so apparently stupid and inept to cover your true evil intent. Harriet Myers, anyone? He never intended for her to sit on the bench. She was named as a smoke screen so he could appoint the one he wanted: Scalito. What were Democrats going to do after bitching about her? Bitch about him? Leave the opening for the, "OK, what the fuck do you want?" accusations? Like they could get off their backs and stop wishing for the belly rub from Refucks that they'll never get. Come on. Anyway...

Aside from that and his minor chiding about having to take responsibility for (the non-existence of) government, he seemed to be the picture of the disappointed dad, talking to his children who he wishes could just for a time, get along before he dies. He seems to really believe his bullshit about bi partisanship... getting along... and all that. Is it still bullshit when you believe it? Or are you just that much more deceived and demented?

Then again, I remember during the primaries,everyone wanted him to drop the gloves with Hillary. Get down in the mud with her, Slug it out, and all that shit. He didn't.

And he won.

Then with McStain and the Talibunny, making their acusations about him being a friend of terrorists, and Muslim (because he attended a Christian church), and a Kenyan, and... Once again everyone was calling for him to call them out and duke it out and put them in their places. He didn't.

And he won.

Will he win this time? Sure looked like that a few days later when he lectured the children at their refuckyoucan retreat. They had NOTHING. He made them look so fucking bad their private noise machine had to turn off. Like Hitler's news channels when Joe Louis beat hell out of Max Schmeling.

I was hopeful until the otherday's news of Shelby placing holds on 70+ Obama appointments. So he could get his own version of a Cornhusker Kickback or Loiusiana Purchase II. That's right, I'm not carrying Obama's water on this one. He has no fucking leg to stand on. He's already given in to the proverbial gun to the head with Landrieu, Nelson and LIEberbitch. What moral high ground does he have to refuse Shelby?


OK.... game time...

I tried my first Brisket. I have a long way to go to learn the art of slow cooking.

Supposedly it takes 1 1/2 (give or take) hours per pound at 225 - 250 deg F. I can't get my Green Egg grill that cold and still cook. I get it hotter and it cooks too fast. A couple of months ago, I did a pork shoulder. The internal temp hadn't budged after 6 hours at the low temps.

My 8 1/2 lbs brisket was at 170 after 4 hours @ 300. It was at 210 after 10 hrs. And that time includes 4 1/2 hrs with the fire shut down, burping the heat out of the grill every 10-15 mins or so. I was planning on 14 hrs of cooking, so I could pull it off at halftime and slice it after the game. Now it's already be resting and I'll be cutting it before the fucking game. Oh well. Live and learn.

Oh well. With luck it'll turn out better then the healthcare fiasco.

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