Sunday, February 14, 2010

Terrorism, Crotch Bombs... here's the real deal

Miranda, Schmiranda... The refucks are pissed because he wasn't tortured.

That's it. End of fucking story.


Obama/Democratic regime joins the war crimes crowd, it seals the deal on Bush: Prosecute him, you have to prosecute yourself. And with the new highs/lows of hypocrisy reached and exceeded on a daily basis by the refucks, there's nothing to say that they wouldn't call for the impeachment of Obama based on his doing what Bush did. Except Bush kept us safe. After leaving us open.

All the arguments about information gathering and enemy combatant versus criminal... they all mean nothing. The arguments are based in the refucks trying to justify the war crimes they've committed. The ones that Obama, with the approval of many democrats sitting in Congress now and back then, has pardoned de facto.

The case is very similar to The Khalid Sheikh Muhammad trial. Security is not the issue. Cost is not the issue. The issue is that no one wants the truth of how KSM was treated while in custody to see the light of day. Again, it's Both the refucks who claim credit for their war crimes keeping us safe -- after their ignoring the threats of attack -- And the dems who never raised a peep to stop them.

And while I'm at it...

Aaron Schock certainly is a rising refuckyoucan star. He lies like all the rest. When Mr Schock said refuckyoucans were never consulted regarding the stimulus bill...? Mr Schock is a GOD DAMNED LIAR. It was smaller than it needed to be. Because of refuckyoucan input. It contained a bunch of worthless costly tax cuts. Because of refuckyoucan input. All in all and then some, it contained over 150 refuckyoucan amendments. Democrats don't write refuckyoucan amendments. He's also stupid: Does he really believe that more of the same fuckng tax cuts that did nothing to create jobs and only created massive deficits and funding shortfalls will somehow suddenly do what they've never ever done? Does he think that we are supid enough to think that tax cuts will help us when we don't have jobs and pay checks on which to even pay taxes?

Aaron Schock... Another member of the "Too Stupid to be a Moron," club.

And finally... Jobs bill or no jobs bill, people get hired because there is work to be done. NO ONE gets hired because of a fucking tax break. The millions of jobs that moved to China didn't go there in one year, or even one presidential term, and they are NOT going to come back as the result of one bill, or in one year or in one presidential term. They are not going to come back because of lower corporate taxes. They will come back only when it becomes more profitable.

Erin Burnett -- Scar's "international crush sex fantasy superstar -- is full of shit when she makes claims such as, "I think we can all agree it's not always a bad thing when jobs move overseas."
It IS.... ALWAYS... a bad thing. Not only are our workers losing jobs -- it doesn't matter that their products are made more cheaply if they have no money to buy them, dumb ass -- China offers NO environmental protections and that affects us all. If we don't want steel made over here because steel isn't a "green industry," then we need to develop a green steel mill.

We need to re-institute tariffs. We need protectionism. I don't care if say Hewlitt Packard is an American owned company. If the want to make their products in China, those products should be taxed and taxed heavily when they're imported. And no more calling a shirt made by Chinese slaves in the Marianas, "Made in America," because the tag in the collar is made in America and it's more profitable for Tom DeLay and his slime ball buddies.

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