Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blanched Obama Nuts Updated

So Barack got his candidate through. Blanch Lincoln, refuckyoucan of Arkansas won the democratic nomination for Senate. She did so in true refuckyoucan fashion: Voter suppression and corporate cash. The White House reaction? Full of shit, as has become their fashion.

I went to see Ed Schultz last night, and his first question from the stage was, "So is Barack Obama what you expected him to be?" or something like that. The response was at Best split down the middle if not more negative than positive. Myself? He's what I expected: A Phony.

The Lincoln endorsement, primary and reaction are just the latest in a long chain of centrist/corporatist actions by Obama which all add up to show that he is NOT a friend of Labor, the middle/working class or even the traditional democratic party base. Change? He's changed the Democratic Party into the republicans of the 50s and 60s.

I didn't get to speak at Town Hall last night, but if Barack Obama wants a second term he has two chances: He can either embrace the working class and labor, or he can hope he gets a tea bagger opponent like Harry Reid has.

I haven't liked Obama since he backed FISA and he's done NOTHING to change my mind since he's been in office. He's an opportunist and a phony.

UPDATE: (a paraphrased letter)

I called Norman Goldman yesterday and vented about Obama as corporate Democrat Numero Uno. He encouraged me to go to Ed's gathering here in Seattle and I did, but did not get to speak. Next time I'll go with a camping chair and camp out at the microphone. Anyway....

In his own venting yesterday about Blanche Lincoln, he pounded on the fact that she supported the Bankruptcy Bill during Dubya's Reign of Error. Well, let me ask: Who is the co-author of that atrocity? Let me answer: Joe Biden, Obama's Vice President. Further, who is Barack Obama's chief of staff? Let me answer. Mr, Where-else-are-liberals-going-to-go, Rahm Emanuel, who despises Howard Dean, and was firmly opposed to Dean's Fifty State Strategy, without which Barack Obama would NEVER have won in Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia or Florida.

This is like Dubya's choices of Cheney & Powell, and his second choice for Defense Secretary, Rummy. His first choice was Norman Schwartzkopf. An administration built from the get-go for invading Iraq. And Democrats were still moronic enough to vote in favor of that farce.

I said it yesterday and I'll say it until I see evidence otherwise: Barack Obama is a P-H-O-N-Y !!!!! His support for the FISA legislation proved it. NO constitutional NOVICE would have supported that, much less a "constitutional law professor." Oh well.... Dubya the Bankruptor has a Harvard MBA. So much for our higher education system.

I will give Ed credit for his positive outlook, but in the face of things, it strikes me almost as naivete. On the other hand, the alternative, curling up in the fetal position, doesn't appeal to me either. If Obama wants to be anything other than a one term president voted out in disgrace, he MUST embrace those who voted him in. Little people: The working class; Labor; Downtrodden minorities.

Obama supporters: Don't blame me, or Labor unions, for deserting Obama and the Democratic Party. Blame Obama for turning the Democratic Party into the Republican Party of Richard Nixon. The only thing missing is Watergate.

I remember Norm's quote of Eugene V Debs: Better to vote for what you want and not get it, than to vote for what you don't get and be stuck with it.

We need to free ourselves from Battered Voter Syndrome.

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