Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs...

For China, of course.

Watching the Scar and his trained seal this morning, they threw up on the screen an excerpt from a NY Times or WSJ article/op ed proclaiming that Obama and the dems were going to pay a huge price this mid term because they failed to make their administration's main mission about job creation. It's a myth on several levels of course, the first and foremost being that it's merely a code phrase for "We need more tax cuts and a bigger, nastier cattle prod for the assholes of the middle class." which is a bit redundant.

HERE is the problem:

(An advertisement from Southwest Airlines' in-flight magazine)

I'm sure just one of many companies who will help you profit from creating jobs. Jobs in China and MASS... LONG TERM... unemployment here.

Why companies like this one, ITI, are even allowed to exist is beyond me. Companies whose sole mission is to fuck over American workers in favor of American stock holders. The biggest problem that Democrats face in this regard is that much of this mas migration was due to the policies approved and even championed by Trader Bill Clinton. The next biggest problem the Democrats face in this regard is the lack of action by Barack Obama to turn back the page... Oh... excuse me, he wants to look forward, not back.

Obama needs to fight for the repeal of the policies, treaties and other nonsensical shit behind the de-industrialization of the US. It makes not one fucking rat's ass bit of difference how or how many jobs anyone creates, as long as companies go unpunished, and rewarded, for taking them overseas. But we know that none of this will never happen since such a fight by definition would not be bi-partisan since it's the conservatard BeePeeblicans who WANT this mess.

This is why I term Conservatism (and the BeePeeblican party) to be a pathogenic philosophy. What are they going to do when they've bled all of the jobs and money out of the middle class -- the non-stock holder class -- Here? When they can n longer "Do us the favor" of selling us cheaply made shit because no one has the money to buy it? ???

Sure they're creating a new working class in China, of several billion more than here in the US, but at the (near) slave wages the Chinese are paid, will there be enough money to satisfy their greed? And will the Chinese Government allow the profits to leave? Will the Chinese Government allow for a mass migration of capital and jobs in the reverse to take advantage of the now-impoverished and destitute American work force? Ooops

I don't know how much of this conservative disaster I will live to see. Since Obama has agreed to allow the slashing of Social Security, Medicare and the deregulation of the protections my union pension has had through his Bi-Partisan <== proof that it HAS to be wonderful, debt commission and the G-20, it's likely I'll die starving and penniless, if I'm not killed for my house first. I do believe that it's absolutely inevitable that this will implode on them; or crash like a breaker; choose your own metaphor.

When you dance with the devil, the devil calls the tune.

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