Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Please Explain

Mitch McMushmouth (BePublican, KY) in one of the most convoluted stolatements to come from anyone's mouth, outside of Sarah Palin, said... Well I'm not sure what he said. Regarding Obama's response to the Great Spew, he says something about it discrediting "big government programs that Democrats like so much."

Sooooo... Obama needs to do more. But he needs to do more in a small government way? ??? Do more... by doing less. Hmmmm...

So what department should he close? Or what regulation should he repeal? Ahhhh... a new tax cut!

Why admit you're wrong when you can do the same old shit? Longer... Harder... Deeper...

The real tragedy is that there are people who will swallow that bull shit and vote for the ass holes putting it out there.

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