Tuesday, April 5, 2011

From the Folks Who Brought You Ketchup as a Vegetable

We now have the claim of "saving Medicare" by destroying it.

So is I live to be 90 like my mother, I will be given vouchers to go buy my health insurance. From the same companies that were orgasmic to turn over any responsibility for old people over to the government.

Google it yourself. It's all included in Budget Czar Paul Ryan's latest horror publication. Makes me wonder what the fuck is in the water in Wisconsin.

I was chastised earlier for saying this a few days ago, but I repeat:

To vote for these crazies you need to be a rock dwelling, self loathing... OK, I'll pull back on the rage-aholic label, but it's only by willful ignorance that anyone with access to any means of obtaining public information wouldn't know what these fuckers are up to. This is not conservatism. This is Reaganism: The destruction of ALL social safety net programs. And it's never been a secret. If you aren't old enough to remember what Reagan was really like, if you believe the historical Republicorp-re-write, Go find Rush's claim that "Roosevelt is dead. His policies are still here, but we're doing something about that."

If you want an iron-clad guarantee that the quality of your life will go to hell in an imitation plastic handbag, by all fucking means, vote Republicorp.

Don't accuse me of defending Obama; he's the asshole who thinks there's some benefit to finding common ground with the authors of this insanity, and thus fucking us. I'm just thrilled beyond ecstasy that he's meeting with congressional leaders on all this budget shit. After that great two-for-one deal on rich fuck tax cuts for unemployment and the slashing of social security funding he got us, how the fuck can we lose. Just like those tax cuts, I'm sure whatever capitulations he gives in trade for the bones that he hopes will make us believe he's on our side... he'll fight over in 2012.

I would agree with Dwight Eisenhower who declared that the killing of Social Security would be the death of Republicorp, but I don't think he could ave conceived of an asshole like Obama. With him on their side, there's no telling what Republicorp can destroy.

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