Monday, December 10, 2007

Holy Shit Waders Batman

"How do we swim outta this?"

How long's it been? Since I posted, I mean? Over a month. WOWSA

I'm sure the folks at C&L are checking the soles of their shoes every time they think of how they mentioned me months ago; wondering what got a hold of the soles of their shoes. Sorry folks. Some people can't handle fame any better than obscurity.


Maybe I should have applied for Whore House press secretary. With the injuries and time off from work the past couple years, I'll bet Dana's bras are WAY too small for me. She has a cuter nose though; and my nose is a certified "W-asswipings-free" zone. Point is though, what the fuck do you need to know?

I mean this twit wants us to meditate on the historical perspective...?

DAna... the Bay of Pigs is not some infamous pre-Castro nude beach.

the "Cuban missile crisis," has nothing to do with shortages of Eduational dildoes. Nor the abundance of said items.

I suppose... if the bay of pigs HAD been a nude beach, then MAYbe we could have had a missile crisis if said beach had been invaded by Baptists in Speedos...?

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