Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I gotta yield credit to the Hart Man

Bummer. One less glass of wine and I might have been the first but alas.

Listening to Thom today while twiddling my thumbs on light duty, I heard him talk about a multitude of (possible) reasons for the Mafia White Whore House to destroy the CIA's torture tapes. BTW...

Seems like everyone assumes that these are THE... ONLY... as in the is no library... tapes of Bush authorized torture. You believe that? You have a brain? Hmmm... oh

So he brings up the possibility that one reason could be that the existence of the tapes would prove that the torturing didn't get us shit for usable info (DUH). Fuck me. I kinda hinted at this shit the other day, but, hmm, did I say it explicitly enough, and firstish enough, to take credit?

Oh, oh, ophhhh...

Then Rachel Maddow comes up with the possibility that the fire started in Dick Cheney's office, due to electrical circuits being overloaded by too many paper shredders, might somehow be a result of cover up efforts.

And then the Dana Poleino kinda-sorta-semi-although-if-it-really-was-one-what-was-it-over meltdown.... was it over the lies Dubya? Dick? theCIA? Gonzo? Harriet? ____? told? ??? Just cuzz she repeats them (which is what they pay her to do; ask Scotty, Ari or Tony) doesn't mean SHE lies. It'll get to you Babe; it got to them.

And the Mucusman still hasn't figured out if waterboarding is torture yet.


DCup said...

Wow! I just caught up on your blogging binge. You've covered a lot of territory!

Good commentary on what ails us. Sometimes the whole mess feels so bad, so enormous that I can't see a way out it.

I love your rants, keep it up.

Chris in Seattle said...

Thanks Babe. Compliments from you are always cool to receive.

Don't know what happened... why I went off the air. Couldn't handle the flash of fame..? Got tired of recycling shitty news..?

That's the thing with these assholes: It's ALWAYS shit. Maybe the bucket's different, maybe the shovel, maybe the smell, the color... but it's Always SHIT! and it will NEVER get better.

With the blog, when I rant, the wife can put away the duct tape.

So what do you plan to do when Chimpy McCokespoon cancels elections?