Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Real American Heroes

Aaahhh for the good old days. And I don't mean before gas was $3 /gal either. I mean back before Dubya's dick wagging war(s). Back before his why-it's-not-infamous-I-don't-know OK you've covered your ass moment regarding Osama to strike US using airplanes. Back when Budweiser -- which I DON'T drink -- had yet to be bullied into their "Real Men of Genius," adds.

My point?


Jamie Leigh Jones, I salute you. I hope you survive this ordeal, and I literally mean survive, as I put NOTHING past this scumbag crime syndicate in the wh(ite)ore House. I hope that you, a beautiful American woman can do what handfuls of Iraqis could not: Enrage a nation against the lawlessness of its governments agents.

Ordeal? What ordeal?

Be smarter than your emperor. Use the Google.


Echo said...

Don't be shy, what do you think?

Chris in Seattle said...

Thoughts most of the time.

Americans have tended to look at history and/or the rest of the world and when and where bad things happen, we tend to say, "That can't happen here." No Hitlers, no Mussolinis, Stalins, Lenins, Pol Pots, Maos, etc...

It is/has happened here now.

Dubya is that which we have always been too stupid to fear, because even now as he step by step dismantles every good thing that this country has built, we naively think that it/he will be over in ...see the counter.

Answer you question?

Echo said...

That's a great line:
"Dubya is that which we have always been too stupid to fear," I hope you don't mind if I use it.
As the upcoming elections near is seems the lines drawn are bigger gaps than ever before and the stupid are just getting stupider - becoming something to fear because there are so many.

Chris in Seattle said...

I stole/borrowed the title for my blog, as you can see in the margin. Borrow what you want, just give me credit.

So many... yeah. The Morons for McCain, the Retards for Rudy, the Nit-Wits for Mitt, Hillbillies for Huckabee. Oh and don't forget the Speds for Fred.

If Dubya does decide to step aside and allow elections and we do get another Repug, I just might have to leave the country.