Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bullshitiousness and Douchebaggery pt Tink...

Mooooorrrrrrrre Trickle down. Yeah. Let the rich people piss on the little people's heads and everything will be OK. So, in one way or another, says Ex (and thank Geeawduh he's ex) Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan.

The benefits of lower capitol gains taxes. "Pro-growth" fiscal poli tax cuts. Yeah, real fucking effective. Put a lot of people to work at Walmart to collect those tax cuts and send them off to China, these refuckyoucan policies did.

When the fuck are these "news" people going to pull their heads out of their asses and stop spewing this totally dis proven bullshit? No that's not really a rhetorical question; there is an actual answer: NEVER. It's the corporate screed and the the fact that it makes as much sense as a Palin speech seems to make it all the more death defyingly newsworthy

Snuffalolopuss has Michelle Malkin on. Oh my fucking.... Is this part of a strategy to expose the total fuckwaddity of conservatard beliefs and policies? Love how she totally disowns Greenspan. Even though he was the conservatards' hero with his theories that business could actually be self regulating. Which brings me around and back to my point that Greenspan was sooooo way fucking wrong before the drool was even dry on his chin: He was "shocked" to realize that banks and brokers and other big-assed-bonus collectors would.... put their bonuses ahead of things like.... ethical business practices and other ideas obviously authored by the Brothers Grimm or HG Wells. Ohhhhhhhh....

Now we not only have Obama's redistribution of wealth. Michelle says there's a grass roots objection to:

The Redistribution of Health

Someone just tazered my eyeteeth via my asshole. The total crockshitulousness of that idea... the mind blowing fuckwaddity...


These fucking people -- insurance companies, Blue Elephant Dems like Baucus, Nelson, Bayh and fence-sitters like Maria Cantwell -- are fucking ghouls. They're hovering about your fucking grave, grabbing all they can before you fall in... prolonging that slip on the banana peel. Casinos don't make money by making their slot machines loose and insurance compnies don't make money by paying out money to make you well or keep you healthy. DUH !!!!!

It's just fine and fucking dandy to them, to see waves and droves of people lose their coverage -- for which they've payed -- and lose their savings -- if they have any -- their homes -- if they have one... it amounts to an en-masse death sentence. "They can't pay? Fuck 'em." And when you're out there on the street corner with your tin cup, they'll be right over your shoulder demanding their cut. And wondering how you could afford a "tin" cup; brand name no less. Why won't a generic plastic one do?

Noooo.... somehow "health" is a hordable commodity. It must be guarded at all costs. Like gold, public ownership MUST be forbidden. I didn't hear her say: Is there a medicinal value to health? Or is it purely recreational like LSD? Any enlightenment gained through health is merely a hallucination...?

Shoot me; shoot her; I don't care shoot someone and put me out of the misery of seeing these nimrods on (what should be) a serious news outlet. Restrict them to Faux where they belong.

Oh... yeah... Greenspan. Right. Let's hear from the guy whose policies got us here tell us how to get out. I doubt we'll hear, "Ignore what I do; ignore what I say; ignore me. I should not only not be here now, I should never have been here. You're in good hands with Timmy. (tee hee hee)"

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