Wednesday, August 19, 2009

From the Other Side

We keep hearing... alright EYE keep hearing a lot about how the refuckyoucans want health care reform every bit as much as normal people do. Never mind the fact that, just as with the stimulus bill, not a one of those asswipulous shitweasels will vote for it, no one is listening to their ideas. Which are...? ???

Here you go. All wrapped up nice and neat; ideas for signs; do it yourself instructions; everything you need to disrupt a town hall meeting; the only thing missing is the bow. I'm surprised there's no l;ink to this on Ms Katy's 9-12 Organizer astro turfing blog. (h/t Bluegal) Her Scrubbed blog that is. She's not a billionaire? She wishes she was one? (don't we all at one time or another?) Or does she just prostitute herself and spread for them?

And speaking of Christian Fascists... I went to High School with one of these guys. A fine example of what our "Religious Right" (who are NEVER right, as in correct) "right to lifers" "respectors of the sanctity of life" (as long as that life is white, unborn, potentially refuckyoucan...) REALLY care about. Not life. Not of common ordinary people. Not sick people.

Palin/Beck/Hannity... Fucks News fans. ie MORONS.

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