Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stewing in Right Wing Juices

No, this is not a posting on cooking. Although I did just buy a book on Rubs, Marinades and Sauces, and used an EXcellent one: "The only marinade you'll ever need." But that's for another post.

Friday morning I was once again engaging in one of my favorite masochistic activities: watching "Morning Joe," with pompous ass extraordinaire Joe Scarborough. One of his guests/participants was pompous wanna-be-Queen-for-a-Day Peggy Noonan, and the two of them once more promoted the bull shit conservatard fantasy that we are somefuckinghow a "center-right" nation.

The evidence is overwhelming:

We have a democrat in the White House. Definitely due to our center rightness.

(Said democrat was "smeared" with the bull shit story of his having the most liberal voting record in the Senate. Wanna comment on that claim Senator Sanders?)

We have a near veto proof democratic majority in the House of representatives. A position gained via several elections. Obviously due to our center rightness.

We had, prior to the death of Senator Kennedy, a fillibuster proof majority in the Senate ( if you count such phonies as Holy Joe Lieberman), a position that was predicted as NOT being possible prior to the last election. Impossible if the nation were NOT center right.

In siad last presidential election previously "red" states, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, and Indiana were carried by Barack Obama. Who... is a Democrat. Proof positive that we are a center right nation. ESPECially these states.

What kind of a nation would elect the first black man president other than a center right nation? Cumon kids.

The same center right nation that "elected" a refuckyoucan who lost in the popular vote. Lets not even get into the facts that he even had help via Diebold and their helpers, his brother as governor of the state in question, SCOTUS and voter roll purges..... Surely those efforts were only meant to make the vote appear close so that we wouldn't look too extremely right wingish.... eh?

And finally -- for me at least -- the reason Obama's popularity goes Down every time he reaches agreement with the refuckyoucans can only, ONLY be because we are a center right nation.

Why not look at (the lack of) Health Care reform. Obama was riding high with approval after his election. One of his platform planks was providing universal coverage. OK... Then he moves -- to the left? -- and rejects the idea of Single Payer Coverage. Naturally his cener right approval goes down. In another move -- to the left? -- away from his previously stated position he broaches the possibility of taxing health insurance premiums as a source of funding any new initiatives. As one would expect, more support from the center right leaves. Then he waffles -- to the left? again -- on whether or not a "public option" should be an essential part of the discussion. Well duh, of course his center right approval will go down.

How much farther to the left will this guy go? Abandon the proposed reincarnation of non-profit coops -- remember the "old" Blue Shield/Blue Cross? -- or a direct tax money infusion to insurance companies as a way to subsidize wishes and prayers that they will lower costs? No wonder he can't gain any hard right support, much less support from the more reasonable center right masses -- that elected him? -- and the majorities in Congress? God damned far left liberal fascists, pushing this corporatist agenda....

I can't even think of anything to say in response to Nonan's idea that the best thing that could happen to Obama would be the election of a Refuckyoucan majority in Congress. You know, a return to power of the party that rubber stamped free spending on meaningless wars in combination with tax cuts and deregulation and raping and pillaging and... You now, a return to our center right roots that have worked So fucking well since Reagan.

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