Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Ultimate In Bullshitiousness and Douchebaggery.

Like the pro wrestler raising his hands to the referee and the fans in some sort of supplication, "Who? Me? Hiding a roll of coins in my trunks? Noooooo....." the 20th century protection mobsters AHIP, America's Health Insurance Providers, have come up with this nonsense:

Who? Us? Noooo..... we never established the practices of rationing and denial of care and services. We never established the standards of "pre-existing conditions." We're not to blame. No, we WANT reform, We WANT regulation.

Look everyone: Flying pigs in Wonder Woman suits.

Lets hear it for RIP ASS: The Rightwing Insurance Industry Profit Protection Plan to Accelerate Social Stratification. Keep in mind, like the Blue Ball Blue Dog Blue Cross Dems, you don't have to be a refuckyoucan to be a right wing conservatard. Or just plane fucking greedy and willing to be bought/bribed. Gangsters aren't picky. They'll pay anyone willing to advance their causes.

Hey overpaid executards: Here's an idea. You want to serve people? Help People? DO it. Don't wait for the fucking Congress, just do it. Don't insult our fucking intelligence, just do it. Stop making fools out of the Katy Abramses and her fellow teabaggers of the world, just do it.

The truth of the matter is, plane and simple: These fuckers aren't here for US, people, little people, who get their hands dirty and pay their premiums and expect something in return. They're here for their Wall Street investors. Period.

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