Tuesday, December 1, 2009


When is enough, enough? This post isn't concerned with facts, it's a prediction of the conservatard/refuckyoucan view of Obama's escalation.

Obama had basically three choices for Afghanistan:

1) Leave.

2a) Stay and continue to put it on Mastercard/Visa like Dubya

2b) Stay and pay for it.

In the first case, that would be worse than "dithering." As Dubya showed so brilliantly, thought has no place in Presidential decidering. Leaving would be showing the world we're weak. Emboldening terrists all over the world. Akin to putting terrist criminals on trial. Or not torturing them. Pussy stuff.

In the second case, it matters not that Dubya, following in Reagan's ghostly footsteps, did it, Obama would be fiscally irresponsible. We should all know by now that Tax and spend liberals are responsible for refuckyoucan debt.

The third case, well... Tax and spend. Says it all. Obama's just using the war as an excuse to raise taxes and grow government.

It's impossible for any decision Obama makes to be correct. Totally impossible.


I want the easiest job in the world: Senate Refuckyoucan.

More on that later.

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