Friday, December 18, 2009

Mr President,

Mr President,
Full disclosure: I was/am a Dennis Kucinich supporter. You lost any hope of my support when you defended and voted to destroy the Bill of Rights via the FISA retooling. A Constitutional scholar? Say again? All that being said...

You NEED to drop this "centrist" approach of yours. This pursuit of mythical bi-partisanship. The republicans have not and will not ever work with you in any way that would help common citizens, working/middle class Americans in any meaningful way. They won't. You need to come to grips and recognize that fact. The more you give in to them, the more they will demand and in the end, they will STILL vote against you.

This health care bill is a disaster. ALL of the republican efforts and amendments have the intent of making this bill a failure. They cannot and will not allow a bill that would go against their view of limited government. They cannot allow a bill that would disprove the Reagan view that "Government is the problem, not the solution." Success by our measure -- and I say "our" in the dwindling hope that you are indeed a liberal? -- is a failure in theirs. And that is reality.

This bill is going to levy fines -- you call them excise taxes -- on 40% of the health care plans in existence now. Sign it and you will be LOWERING the quality of care for all of those people. And what happens when the fines dry up? When those employers drop their good coverage for garbage so they can avoid the fine? Your program will go broke. It will FAIL. Republican victory.

You have SAID, if you could start from scratch, you would go with single payer. STAND YOUR GROUND. Back up your words. People... liberal... progressive... centrist even.... WILL support you. You're dying at the polls NOT because you're not moving to the right/center, but because you ARE! If any one is telling you otherwise, FIRE them!!!

I have called my Senators and Representative that if they vote for this bill, I will NOT vote for them. I will not vote for you if you sign it. You will give government back over to the republicans who created the mess we're in. If that makes you happy, go for it.

Chris Harmatta

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