Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Now Taking Applications

For two upcoming openings for Progressive candidate for US Senate, representing the state of Washington.

In a 51-48 vote on cloture, 30 democratic senators, Murray and Cantwell included, voted with 18 republicans to BLOCK an amendment that would have allowed for prescription drugs to be imported into the US at cheaper prices. 48 - 30 = 18 meaning that ==> 22 refuckyoucans actually voted FOR something that would have benefited ordinary citizens.

BOTH Senators received voice mails from me registering my disgust and displeasure and my clear intent to withhold voting for them in future elections. I won't vote refuckyoucan; but I won't vote for them. Obama is working extra hard to write a legacy of , "Oh what could have been; what we almost had," and these two seem more than happy to help him along, by taking positions in direct opposition to what their party SHOULD represent.

Don't give me carap about these drugs not being safe; we're not talking about more sit from China. We're talking USDA approved drugs; drugs that are in many cases produced here and exported to be sold overseas at prices lower than what we pay here. A Canadian pharmacist can sell drugs here at a discount and still make money.

There is no safety issue; where are the dead Canadians? The dead Europeans? ???

This is GREED! Pure, Raw, unadulterated GREED! Sociopathic GREED. MURDEROUS Greed. And Murray and Cantwell approve. They are accomplices and enablers.

What will make these sociopaths happy? When will it be enough? When will there be so much suffering, misery, bankruptcy, illness and death that they can no longer wear their Joe Lieberman smiles? ???

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