Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pigs Can't Fly...

but the bullshit does on the Sunday talk showss.

David Gregory is right to read David Axelrod the riot act on the Senate's proposed health care bill. It's a TOTAL piece of shit.

But then he can't riseist his usual water-carrying -- Lying -- for the refuckyoucan view:
...Social Security and Medicare passed with significant reform...
Lie 1
Lie 2

Then on the roundtable, Ed Gillespie, trots out the usual, tried and (un)true refuckyoucan view that the president's falling poll numbers are do to him moving too fer to the left. In all fairness, if I was in his shoes, trying to sell snake oil, I'd say whatever worked, and obviously that line of crap does work, since Obama keeps moving to the RIGHT. Like a panty wasted pussy.

Fuckin Scarborough.... what a fucking GIFT for missing the point and ignoring the obvious: Where has the President reached out to republicans in any meaningful way? Like on .... everything? You want him to just say: You guys write this? ???

Dumb question

This bill is pure Bushian bullshit.

The refuckyoucans are right to oppose it, but as usual, for the wrong reasons. Their solution:

Remove regulation ie allow them to sell insurance across state lines.
End your right to a day in court ie tort reform.
and nothing would be refuckyoucan without a tax cut. to pay for it of course.

Tort reform is bullshit. Most of the "frivolous" law suits refucks talk about are people suing to get insurance companies and doctors to do what they're supposed to do. Remove the profit motive from healthcare/insurance -- a public option / medicare expansion -- and those suits go away. In NO state that has done it's own form of tort reform has insurance cost gone down.

The supposed "competition across state lines" would lower prices... temporarily... as the big companies undersold the small ones and the non profits and coops so they could bankrupt them and swallow them up. Look at banking. Worked out Oh so well, right? end of discussion.

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