Monday, August 23, 2010

Armey Don't Know Dick

Dick Armey, Tea Bagger and Astro Turfer extraordinaire appeared on Meet the Press yesterday, to push his fetish to end Medicare and Social Security. Somehow this asswipulous douchenozzle believes that it's unconstitutional to Promote the General Welfare. Go figure. He trots out his argument that a Seventh Day Adventist who has never and will never ever go see a doctor shouldn't have to pay into the system.

I'll tell you why, you dick, Dick. Because his payments support a system that protects his health, like it or not, by keeping those around him healthier. It's like a childless loner benefiting from schools by supplying a pool of educated people to surround them, making up for the fact that they might be an ignorant dumb shit.

Dick and conservatards like him just HATE seeing any benefits whatsoever reaching down to ordinary everyday people.

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