Monday, August 23, 2010

Closing in on a Mile

Paving stone: 10,000hits!!!

All right, so it's one giant step for me, one baby step for man kind. At best, but considering the fact that I never really wanted my own blog when I started... Thought I was leading up to a point, did you? Actually, Sitemeter already has me as past 10000 (10206 to be more exact), but they count differently than StatCounter does for some reason. Something in my settings; whatever.

Some might wonder why bother when a blog like Crooks and Liars sits at 391, 358, 351 hits. Hey, they linked to me a couple of times... mentioned me in the same sentence as The Rude Pundit once... BlueGal shows 842, 902 hits. She's given me kudos at least once I know. Daily Kos doesn't even bother showing their site stats, but they rank #7 on Sitemeter. I've always talked about averaging 6 hits a day... on good days. While I remember a guy I used to read bitch about ONLY getting 800 hits a day. He was a hell of a writer actually; I just got tired of his whine and cheese parties. I suppose I could be doing better if after every mention on a big blog I didn't become the proverbial deer in the head lights with writer's block.

I could look at myself as that one in the Apostle Paul's writing: The one who fights as beating the air, but I'd rather think of myself as defending my right to bitch.

My thanks to all who've visited and commented; if you're not listed in my blog roll, let me know and I'll correct it. My thanks to all who've linked to me. Most importantly my apologies to the many whose blogs and writings I've enjoyed over time, but have not mentioned here.

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