Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ken Mehlman UPDATED

A true profile in skum-bucketry.

And a true representative of the conservatard movement. Self loathing is one thing, but to sell your fucking soul (assuming he ever had one) to inflict that self loathing on millions of others, while inflicting the rest of us with Dubya... It's way beyond douchenozzlery, bullshitiousness, fuckwaddity, crockshitulous... It's beyond any words I know.

Don't expect forgiveness. Don't expect understanding. Expect from us the same loathing you feel from yourself. I sincerely hope that you live and die as miserable as your actions intended to make all the rest of us.

UPDATE: And according to this "troubled" pond-scumulous asswipe, gays should still vote refuckyoucan, because refuckyoucans ar the ones truly standing against the great Muslim hoard who hate gays. ???In some different way than the religious-rightwrong-wing-fundie backed refuckyoucans do???Who backed the efforts behind the Ugandan Kill The Gays laws??? Wha....???

Vote republican; We hate you for a higher purpose.

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