Monday, August 23, 2010

Is Barack Obama a Muslim?

Why the fuck should I care?

It's none of anybody's fucking business. but his.


Dale said...

Whenever I see this much media attention being given to bullshit topics like this (Obama's religion, the "ground zero mosgue", etc), I can't help but wonder what congress is currently working on, what bills are about to pass, etc, that they are trying to distract us from.

Chris in Seattle said...

These are BOTH products of a rig... wrong wing noise machine noise machine, and to answer your question it's an attempt to hide the fact that they aren't working on anything other than opposing Obama/the Dems and anything they want to do. If Obama single-handedly cured cancer the refucks would bitch that he'd destroyed the chemo-therapy industry.

Darryl Issa and Michelle Bachman are two who have promised that if the refucks get control of the House there will be endless investigations and a pile of subpoenas. Mitch McMushmouth has promised that he'll compromise. Just not left of center. That was on a Sunday talking heads show a few weeks ago. They have NOTHING, so they make noise.

Hence, my biggest complaint about Obama: He still chases the flaming pink unicorn past the plasticine porters with looking glass eyes, into the jelly jungle of orange marmalade, otherwise known as bi-partisanship. He rolls on his back so they can pat and rub his belly and instead they go for his throat. And the dumb fuck never learns.

Chris in Seattle said...

Here's another link for you to check out: