Saturday, August 14, 2010

Death by Tax Cut

Dubya's tax policies WERE his economic policies and they were the most irresponsible policies since... Reagan's. Aitch Dub had it right when he called Reaganomics "Voodoo Economics" but true to family form, sociopathic lust for power and position, he sold what was left of his soul by renouncing reality, suspending disbelief and common sense and embracing the fantasy.

When a person "sells" something that they don't believe, that IS evil.

Obama has his finger in the dike. He's temporarily slowed the hemorrhaging of jobs, but has failed to reverse the ongoing trend of another Voodoo invention, The Jobless Recovery. Jobs are not creted out of thin air. They aren't created by rich people bored with sitting on their money. They are created by demend. Most of all though, no matter how many might be created, they must be retained, and this is done by underlying economic policy, not tax policy or "stimulus packages."

The economic policies of the conservatards, especially since Reagan, do not inject money into the economy, they draw money out. Wall Street is a DRAIN with their "financial innovations" that go far beyond stocks and bonds. We have an economy where money does not chase goods as in previous times -- too much money chasing too few goods equals inflation -- we have an economy where money chases money: a Paper Chase, unlike the movie. Nothing is created; nothing is left behind; when the value of the paper disappears, there is no collateral beyond more paper. THAT is why "they" need our social security trust fund.

Unless Obama can change this fundamental policy, this Paper Chase, and I see no evidence that he desires to do so, nothing else he does will matter. We WILL have a depression.

He signed into law another of his should-be-famous Marketable Reform-Like Bills that relies on one of his favorite buzz words: Transparency. Somehow it's reform when banks draw up and sell fraudulent documents powered by saiboat fuel in a "transparent open exchange." The reality is that just like turning the lights on in a roach infested room doesn't make the roaches go away; it just makes them hide. They're still there in all their grossness. The credit default swaps, with no collateral beyond a wink and a promise of tax payer money -- loan sharks include a threat of a broken leg in their deals -- are still there. In all their economy-draining glory.

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