Friday, August 29, 2008

3M re-named once more

Move over Moronic Maniac for McCain.

Make room for:

Morons for McCain and the MILF

If you needed more proof, here it is: McCain and the Refuckyoucans (I swear I knew nothing about Palin when I coined the term) care NOTHING... not one Iota, jot nor tittle for how the country is run. They care about ideological purity and winning at all costs. Palin is:

Pro ANWR drilling
Pro life Anti abortion
Anti environment
Anti conservation
Anti gay

The woman is not only in favor of slaughtering wolves from aircraft... Got that? She wants the same treatment for bears. Maybe that's her way of preventing them from the suffering of drowning while she helps industry cronies pump out more green house gasses to free up that frozen water blocking the Northwest Passage.

Guns, Gays and God. The Dobsons of the world must be creamin' their jeans.

She's under investigation over her possible involvement in avenging her sister by having her brother-in-law fired from the state troopers (as well as a few people who refused to fire him).

Just like Cheney was Dubya's life insurance, Palin is McStain's. Yeah right, put the mayor of Wassilla in charge of the button. On the other hand:

How else to better prove the conservative point that the federal government can do nothing but cause problems than by putting someone in charge of it who has no clue how to run it?


Dale said...

I think you're making it way more complicated than it really is. McCain picking Palin all boils down to one thing:
You have shitloads of women voters who fucking adore Hitlery, but refuse to vote for Obama for not picking here as his VP, so now most of them probably won't vote at all. How can McCain capitalize on that? Pick a soccer mom as his VP, and watch the women voters line up for him.

Chris in Seattle said...

That's the spin. Only problem is that Chris Matthews couldn't find any of those "Hillary Voters for McCain" people to interview. And yes, he was looking. All of the people out in front of that movement, like the Wisconsin nurse nimwit who thinks McCain wants to protect women from unsafe, illegal abortions are in reality contributors to McCain.

Watch the women line up for him? Not a chance. Shows how out of touch his is with reality, Once again.

Now the Christo-Fascists? They're another story. She probably listens to Falwell and Hagee talk about Katrina and New Orleans and bitches that the storm didn't finish the job, so here comes Gustav and Hannah.

She is the "ideologically pure, virgin in the volcano to appease the good racists of Conservative Christian Craziness. Fuck the soccer moms (no pun intended). They want the Big Church Money and votes.